Emma Vom Dinaburg--Retired
Emma is a large red/black female with a sweet,
loving temperament.  She is a happy, playful girl
with good drives and focus.  She is very curious,
and when she catches the opportunity,  she will
be poised on top of a table or chair to get a
better view of her surroundings.  She is an
exceptional mother and produced many quality
pups through the years.
Madison and Raina--Emma/Urban Daughter--13 Weeks Old
Ozzy-Emma/Dux Male--12 Months Old
Reanna--5 Months Old
Lyka--12 Months Old
Francesca, Marco, & Zorra--8 Weeks
Old Urban/Emma Daughter
Zorra--6 Months Old
Zaxx and Clayton--6 Months Old
Luger--2 Years Old
R-Duchess--Emma/Urban Daughter
Ritz--Urban/Emma Son
Dakota, Sean and Rex--Emma/Dux Male
D-Zoey--Emma/Dux Female
I Litter--Ares--Emma/Dux Male
6 Months Old
Inga--Emma/Dux Female
Oaklin--Emma/Dux Male  5 Months Old