Adults For Sale

We sometimes have older pups, young adults,
and  adults who are nearing retirement who have
not  yet been listed for sale.

Please contact us for additional information
as to their availability.

3 Year Old Import For Sale
European Import--SG Lampy Von Mining
Hips--FCI/ HD-A  Elbows FCI/ED 0  DM Clear
Sire--V Yimmy Cromontana, SchH1
Dam--Unna Von Mining, BH, IPO1

Lampy is a medium size girl with deep red pigment,
correct conformation, medium drives, and a very
pleasing temperament.  She is social, loving, and has
no known health issues or issues with other dogs.  
She is an easy breeder and whelps easily.  She
produces healthy, strong puppies with deep
pigment, and is an attentive mother.  Unfortunately,
her milk supply is not sufficient to raise her pups,
and they must be bottle fed or adopted by a

She is priced $2200.
Retirement Home
European Import--Lyra Von Fuenf Bergspitzen
Hips Good  DM  Clear
Sire--SG 1Erro V Rado XI, IPO1
Dam--Electra V. Wolpertinger Wald, IPO1

We are looking for a forever retirement home for our
sweet  Lyra.  She is a healthy, loving girl who has no
known health issues, and no issues with other dogs.  
She is a large female who enjoys being with people.  
She is house trained, has basic obedience, and has
good manners.