Common German Training Commands--
Why Not Train Your Dog to be "ein braver Hund"
(a good dog) in German??
Sitz (Sits)--Sit
Platz (Plotsz)--Down
Fuss (Foos)--Heel
Bleib (Blype)--Stay
Bleib/Stopp (Blype/Shtopp)--Stay
Hier (Here)--Here
Bring/Hol (Brink/Hohl!)--Fetch
Gib (Gipp)--Give
Gib Fuss (Gipp Foos)--Shake Hands
Steh (Stay)--Stand
So is brav(So is braff!)--Good Dog
Braver Hund (Braffer Hoont)--Good Dog
Komm (Come)--Come
Nein (Nine)--No
Pfui (Pfooey)--Shame  Bad Dog
Hopp (Hup)--Jump
Bring (Bringgg)--Retrieve
Such (Zooch)--Track
Voran (Vorahn)--Go Ahead
Revier (Revier)--Search
Pass Auf (Poss Owf)--Watch Out
Fass (Foss)--Attack
Gib Laut (Gipp Lawt)--Speak
Aus (Owwws)--Out/Release
Voraus (For-Owss)--Go
Auchtung (Oktung)--Watch
Nimm --Take It