Rheinhardt Kennels Puppy Guarantee

At Rheinhardt Kennels I strive to raise quality AKC German Shepherds at an affordable price.  
At the time of purchase, you will be given a current health record indicating the vaccinations  
and wormings that your new puppy has received.  I guarantee the puppy is free of any known
disease or defects, unless otherwise noted, at the time of sale.   

The buyer is required to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian of the buyer’s
choice/expense within 72 hours from the date of purchase to validate this warranty.  The
buyer is also required to maintain all scheduled vaccinations and regular wormings and keep
detailed records of such for this guarantee to be valid.

If the vet finds congenital birth defect or disease, the seller must be notified within the next
48 hours.  The buyer may return the puppy and trade for another pup, seller’s choice,  of the
same sex and quality, but the buyer must have a written statement from the licensed
veterinarian explaining the reason for the puppy’s return. The seller is not responsible for any
vet bills or any other expenses incurred by the new owner of the dog, including transportation
and/or shipping costs.

The seller is not responsible for any stress/environmentally induced disorders or anything
that is beyond seller’s control once the puppy leaves the seller’s premises.  The seller cannot
guarantee the puppy's temperament since it is greatly affected by environment.      

The seller warrants the puppy for one (1) year from the date of birth against life threatening
genetic defects.   Should genetically caused death occur within the first year, all supporting
documentation must be provided upon request and is subject to review by the seller's
veterinarian.  The seller does not warrant cryptorchidism or guarantee reproductive capability.

The seller guarantees the dog to be free of crippling hip dysplasia at one year of age.  X-rays
must be taken before the dog is 14 months of age and be performed by a licensed veterinarian
who is skilled at producing x-rays for OFA evaluation.  If the dog is diagnosed with crippling
hip dysplasia that is not the result of injury or malnutrition, a replacement will be given.  OFA
documentation and proof of spay/neuter must be provided by the buyer before replacement is
 If the dog has been bred or spayed/neutered prior to the x-rays, this
guarantee is void.


The new owner must supply written proof of spay/neuter at the buyer's expense before a dog
will be replaced.  Replacement puppies (of equal quality/same sex) will be chosen by the
kennel owner from a present litter or from the next available litter.
will be replaced regardless of the circumstances. I DO NOT REFUND

Deposits are non-refundable, but can be rolled over to a future litter.   

This contract applies to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable.

The puppy will be named with the litter letter beginning the first name and “Von Rheinhardt”
as the ending in keeping with the German standard.  All puppies are named by the seller.

Should the new owner alter the kennel's given name of the puppy without the breeder's
consent, this guarantee is void.

The breeder asks that if the buyer chooses to re-home the puppy for ANY reason, that it be
returned to the breeder for assistance in placement.  The breeder will ALWAYS accept the
return of the dog.

The new buyer agrees that the dog will never be placed in an animal shelter or animal rescue
facility, and that it will never be placed on a chain.       

As a convenience to the  buyer, the seller agrees to board a puppy for up to 3 days at no
additional charge.  Upon the 4th day, the seller will hold the puppy for an additional 7 days at
a boarding charge of $10 per day.  Due to a limited amount of space, we cannot board puppies
longer than 10 days.

By signing below, I understand and agree to the terms of this guarantee.

Limited        Full        Registration #________________________________ Male           Female

Name_____________________________ Sire __________________________ Dam ___________________________

Birth date ______________________ Purchase Date __________________________________________________

Puppy Price ___________________ Date Paid ________________________________________________________

New Owner ______________________________________________________ Phone __________________________

Address __________________________________City/State/Zip Code ____________________________________

Email _______________________________________ Cellphone ___________________________________________

Buyer's Signature  _____________________________________________ Date _____________________________

Seller        Tami Ott         4113 Somerset Road, London, KY          606.878.6199

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